Alexa Wifi Setup Instructions

Have you recently purchased an Alexa enabled device and don’t know how to connect Alexa to wifi? Don’t get panic, you can follow these simple steps to connect Alexa to wifi. To establish a successful connection, you require-

  • Wifi name and password
  • Amazon account.

How to connect Alexa to Wifi?

Follow the given simple instructions for completing the process to connect Alexa to WiFi:

Step 1: Plug in your speaker to the power outlet for connecting Alexa to the WIFI  and after that search for accessing the WiFi network which presents in the memory.

Step 2: Now, you need to download and install the Alexa app on a computer or laptop, Alexa app will access your device and settings.

Step 3: Click on the “settings” menu displayed on the left screen bar.

Step 4: Tap to set up a “new device” to connect Alexa to WiFi .

Step 5: Select your language for Alexa from the list of language options and this will then appear with the present language choices.

Step 6: Click on the “connect” to connect the WiFi and after that wait till the orange light starts blinking. Wait for a while until the light ring of your Alexa Speaker glows in a yellow-orange light pattern.

Step 7: Click on the “continue” button to carry the further process.

Step 8: Visit the settings page of your device and click on the “home screen” button. On the second homepage, you will find the settings app.

Step 9: Open your WiFi settings and scan for the WiFi network through your device, Amazon-E9W will be your WiFi network.  This SSID comes with your speaker setup mode and when the light blinks orange, your speaker is in the setup mode.

Step 10: Get back to the Alexa app home menu and it is showing that your computer or laptop is successfully connected to the Alexa speaker.

Step 11:  Tap the continue button, Alexa will scan for the available networks. Here you will able to see the list of WiFi networks identified by your smart speaker.

Step 12: Choose your WiFi network and enter the password to connect Alexa to the internet.

Step 13: Click on the continue button for completing the setup process, it will take you back to the home screen of Alexa app.

Step 14:Once you are done with Alexa wifi connect process, you need to test your Alexa. You can test the Alexa by saying “Alexa, what is the time?” , If she responds you back with the right answer your Alexa is ready to use. You can also change your speaker to the preferred Wireless network.

Following these steps, you will able to successfully connect Alexa. Make sure you follow the step by steps instructions to avoid the mistakes.