How To Set Up Alexa Dot?

So, Are you a proud owner of Amazon Echo dot, but facing trouble for how to set up Alexa  Echo?  Well! Here are the answers to all your questions. Before we discuss that how to set up Amazon Alexa on PC, let’s know about Alexa in more detail.

Alexa is a voice assistant which allow you to control the various smart home devices, with Alexa you can control the light bulbs, smart TC, room temperature and lot more. She can tell you the news updates, weather forecast and even crack the jokes for you. She can also help you to create your shopping list, Alexa is like a best friend for smart home users who is always available to help them out.

Alexa takes the form of Amazon Echo or Echo dot in your home. Both the cylindrical shape devices listen to the commands of Alexa and help you to control the different smart home devices. After a successful Amazon Alexa setup, you can enjoy the benefits of these amazing features which your Alexa dot is going to offer you.  You can even play the songs, make phone calls to your family and friends using this amazing voice assistant.

How to set up Alexa dot?

Alexa Dot can make the life of a user very simple and here we will explain that how to set up Alexa dot by providing you the step by step instructions.

  • Unbox your Echo dot device and attach the power cable. After that connect it to the power outlet to get a power supply.

  • In a few seconds, you will see the LED circling on the top. Now,  Alexa will inform you to use the application for completing the setup process.

  • Install the Amazon Alexa app on your device.

  • Login to the Amazon account, if you do not have an account then create the one as it is important for the Amazon Alexa setup on PC.

  • Open the app, tap on the “devices tab”  and after that on “+” symbol present at the top.

  • Click on “add device” and “amazon echo”.

  • Choose your Echo dot model and it must available in the list on the  ‘Select your Amazon Echo’ page. Select your language.

  • Wait till the orange light blinks and then continue. After that choose the WIFI network you want to connect. Enter the password and in a few minutes, you will see the message that your Echo dot is online.

  • Your Alexa must announce that she is ready to use. Now, give some command to Alexa to check that whether it works.

Follow these given Alexa setup instructions to successfully setup your Alexa echo. The process is very simple, you just need to follow the instructions carefully.